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ILC edition 2
Expanded class sykc

    broader class

          sykc /saɟakaʃa/                Chinese civilization  ↞ jUgp Huang He basin jUgq Yangtze basin rhq Chinese Buddhism rk Confucianism rl Legalism     ≈ DDC 931
          sykcc /saɟakaʃaʃa/                     Xia dynasty
          sykcd /saɟakaʃada/                     Shang dynasty
          sykce /saɟakaʃe/                     Zhou dynasty
          sykcf /saɟakaʃafa/                     Spring and Autumn period
          sykcg /saɟakaʃaga/                     Warring States period
          sykci /saɟakaʃi/                     Qin dynasty
          sykcj /saɟakaʃaʒa/                     Han dynasty
          sykck /saɟakaʃaka/                     Three Kingdoms
          sykcɭ /saɟakaʃala/                     Jin dynasty
          sykcm /saɟakaʃama/                     Northern and Southern dynasties
          sykcn /saɟakaʃana/                     Sui dynasty
          sykco /saɟakaʃo/                     Tang dynasty
          sykcp /saɟakaʃapa/                     Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms
          sykcq /saɟakaʃaca/                     Song, Liao, Jin, and Western Xia dynasties
          sykcr /saɟakaʃara/                     Yuan dynasty
          sykcs /saɟakaʃasa/                     Ming dynasty
          sykct /saɟakaʃata/                     Qing dynasty
          sykcv /saɟakaʃava/                     Republic of China
          sykcw /saɟakaʃawa/                     People's Republic of China
Connected classes:
  ⌕        vmj           traditional Chinese medicine; TCM  ↞ sykc 

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8  as form            +
9  of kind            +


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