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ILC edition 2
Expanded class np

    broader class

          np /napa/      phylogenetic lineages; taxa
          np06 /napaɔltɔ/                according to theory
          np06yisɭvang /napaɔltɔɟisalavɛnaga/  ⋄                                    phyletic gradualism
          np913 /napaɲɔmpɔɲcɔ/  [ias]                     appeared; originated in period
          np914 /napaɲɔmpɔŋkɔ/  [ias]                     extincted in period
          npX /napaxaw/           ranks
          npb /napaba/           subforms
          npbzf /napabazafa/           forms
          npbzs /napabazasa/           subvarieties
          npc /napaʃa/           varietes
          npd /napada/           subspecies
          npe /nape/           species
          npeze /napeze/           series
          npezs /napezasa/           sections
          npf /napafa/           subgenera
          npg /napaga/           genera
          nph /napaɣa/           subtribes
          npi /napi/           tribes
          npj /napaʒa/           subfamilies
          npk /napaka/           families
          npɭ /napala/           suborders
          npm /napama/           orders
          npn /napana/           superorders
          npo /napo/           subclasses
          npp /napapa/           classes
          npr /napara/           subphyla
          nps /napasa/           phyla; divisions
          npu /napu/           subkingdoms
          npv /napava/           kingdoms
          npy /napaɟa/           domains
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