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ILC edition 2
Expanded class jUx

    broader class

          jUx /ʒujxa/           Atlantic Ocean  ↞ jyo oceans
          jUxb /ʒujxaba/                Baffin Bay
          jUxd /ʒujxada/                Gulf of St. Lawrence
          jUxf /ʒujxafa/                Bay of Fundy
          jUxhWi /ʒujxaɣawawi/                American Mediterranean Sea
          jUxh /ʒujxaɣa/                Caribbean Sea
          jUxi /ʒujxi/                Gulf of Mexico
          jUxk /ʒujxaka/                Sargasso Sea
          jUxɭ /ʒujxala/                Baltic Sea
          jUxɭb /ʒujxalaba/                     Gulf of Bothnia
          jUxɭbb /ʒujxalababa/                          Bay of Bothnia
          jUxɭbo /ʒujxalabo/                          Bothnian Sea
          jUxɭc /ʒujxalaʃa/                     Central Baltic Sea
          jUxɭf /ʒujxalafa/                     Gulf of Finland
          jUxn /ʒujxana/                North Sea
          jUxo /ʒujxo/                Sea of the Hebrides
          jUxp /ʒujxapa/                Irish Sea
          jUxq /ʒujxaca/                Celtic Sea
          jUxs /ʒujxasa/                Bay of Biscay
          jUxt /ʒujxata/                Mediterranean Sea
          jUxtb /ʒujxataba/                     Alboran Sea
          jUxtc /ʒujxataʃa/                     Catalan Sea
          jUxtg /ʒujxataga/                     Ligurian Sea
          jUxth /ʒujxataɣa/                     Tyrrhenian Sea
          jUxti /ʒujxati/                     Adriatic Sea
          jUxtj /ʒujxataʒa/                     Ionian Sea
          jUxtɭ /ʒujxatala/                     Gulf of Sidra; Gulf of Sirte
          jUxtn /ʒujxatana/                     Aegean Sea
          jUxtni /ʒujxatani/                          Mirtoon Sea
          jUxtnr /ʒujxatanara/                          Sea of Crete
          jUxtnt /ʒujxatanata/                          Thracian Sea
          jUxtr /ʒujxatara/                     Sea of Marmara
          jUxu /ʒujxu/                Black Sea
          jUxuo /ʒujxuo/                     Sea of Azov
          jUxw /ʒujxawa/                Gulf of Guinea
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