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ILC edition 2
Expanded class ibs

    broader class

          ibs /ibasa/           silicates  ↞ edo silicon
          ibsb /ibasaba/                nesosilicates  
          ibsbc /ibasabaʃa/                     zircon group
          ibsbci /ibasabaʃi/                          zircon; ZrSiO4
          ibsbd /ibasabada/                     olivine group
          ibsbdo /ibasabado/                          olivine; (Mg;Fe2+)2[SiO4]  ↞ edc magnesium eei iron
          ibsbe /ibasabe/                     phenakite group
          ibsbg /ibasabaga/                     Al2(SiO4)O
          ibsbgɭ /ibasabagala/                          sillimanite; Al[6]Al[4]OSiO4
          ibsbgn /ibasabagana/                          andalusite; Al[6]Al[5]OSiO4
          ibsbgy /ibasabagaɟa/                          kyanite; Al[6]Al[6]OSiO4
          ibsbi /ibasabi/                     titanite group
          ibsbk /ibasabaka/                     cerite group
          ibsbɭ /ibasabala/                     silicate apatites
          ibsbr /ibasabara/                     uranophane group
          ibsbt /ibasabata/                     datolite group
          ibsbu /ibasabu/                     hellandite group
          ibsbv /ibasabava/                     vicanite group
          ibsbx /ibasabaxa/                     garnets; "garnet" supergroup
          ibsbxb /ibasabaxaba/                          pyralspite series
          ibsbxbb /ibasabaxababa/                               pyrope
          ibsbxbɭ /ibasabaxabala/                               almandine
          ibsbxbs /ibasabaxabasa/                               spessartine
          ibsbxg /ibasabaxaga/                          ugrandite series
          ibsbxgd /ibasabaxagada/                               andradite
          ibsbxgg /ibasabaxagaga/                               grossular
          ibsbxgu /ibasabaxagu/                               uvarovite
          ibsbxh /ibasabaxaɣa/                          schorlomite-kimzeyite series
          ibsbxr /ibasabaxara/                          hydrogarnet
          ibsbxt /ibasabaxata/                          tetragonal hydrogarnet
          ibsby /ibasabaɟa/                     "humite" supergroup
          ibsbyb /ibasabaɟaba/                          topaz group
          ibsbybt /ibasabaɟabata/                               topaz; Al2SiO4(F;OH)2
          ibsbyc /ibasabaɟaʃa/                          chondrodite series
          ibsbyh /ibasabaɟaɣa/                          humite series
          ibsbyɭ /ibasabaɟala/                          clinohumite series
          ibsbyn /ibasabaɟana/                          norbergite
          ibsbyr /ibasabaɟara/                          chloritoid group
          ibsd /ibasada/                sorosilicates  
          ibsde /ibasade/                     epidote group
          ibsdee /ibasadeje/                          epidote; {Ca2}{Al2Fe3+}[O|OH|SiO4|Si2O7]
          ibsdɭ /ibasadala/                     allanite group
          ibsdo /ibasado/                     dollaseite group
          ibsf /ibasafa/                cyclosilicates  
          ibsfd /ibasafada/                     tourmaline group
          ibsfu /ibasafu/                     eudialyte group
          ibsi /ibasi/                inosilicates  
          ibsib /ibasiba/                     astrophyllite group
          ibsic /ibasiʃa/                     sapphirine supergroup
          ibsie /ibasie/                     pyroxene supergroup  
          ibsiebWe /ibasiebawawe/                          orthopyroxene group
          ibsiee /ibasieje/                          enstatite-orthoferrosilite series
          ibsiefWy /ibasiefawawɟa/                          clinopyroxene group
          ibsieg /ibasiega/                          pigeonite
          ibsieh /ibasieɣa/                          diopside-hedenbergite series
          ibsim /ibasima/                     amphiboles; multiple chain inosilicates  
          ibsimb /ibasimaba/                          anthophyllite
          ibsimc /ibasimaʃa/                          cummingtonite series
          ibsime /ibasime/                          tremolite series
          ibsimh /ibasimaɣa/                          hornblende
          ibsims /ibasimasa/                          sodium amphibole group
          ibsio /ibasio/                     sodium pyroxene series
          ibsis /ibasisa/                     spodumene group
          ibsj /ibasaʒa/                pyroxenoid group
          ibsp /ibasapa/                phyllosilicates  
          ibspc /ibasapaʃa/                     clay minerals group
          ibspd /ibasapada/                     medicinal clay
          ibspm /ibasapama/                     mica group
          ibspo /ibasapo/                     kaolinite-serpentine group  ↞ edc magnesium eei iron
          ibsps /ibasapasa/                     smectite/montmorillonite group
          ibspt /ibasapata/                     pyrophyllite-talc group
          ibsptc /ibasapataʃa/                          talc  ↞ edc magnesium
          ibspx /ibasapaxa/                     chlorite group
          ibst /ibasata/                tectosilicates  
          ibstb /ibasataba/                     quartz; SiO2  ↞ feic silicon dioxide
          ibstd /ibasatada/                     feldspars
          ibstf /ibasatafa/                     feldspatoids
          ibsto /ibasato/                     zeolites
Connected classes:
  ⌕        ib96v                     7; quartz hardness  ↞ ibstb 
  ⌕        ibU  [ibsta]           quartz
  ⌕        iimu                quartzites  ↞ ibstb 

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