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ILC edition 2
Expanded class ibo

    broader class

          ibo /ibo/           sulphate minerals; sulphates; sulfates  ↞ edq sulfur
          ibob /iboba/                barite group
          ibobb /ibobaba/                     barite; BaSO4  ↞ egc barium
          ibobc /ibobaʃa/                     celestine; SrSO4  ↞ efc strontium
          ibobn /ibobana/                     anglesite; PbSO4  ↞ ego lead
          ibod /iboda/                blodite group
          iboe /iboe/                alum group
          ibof /ibofa/                voltaite group
          iboh /iboɣa/                aluminite group
          iboi /iboi/                zippeite group
          ibok /iboka/                copiapite group
          iboɭ /ibola/                Pb, Zn tellurates
          iboo /ibojo/                "halotrichite" supergroup
          iboq /iboca/                "kieserite" supergroup
          iboqg /ibocaga/                     gypsum; CaSO4·2H2O  ↞ eec calcium
          iboqgr /ibocagara/                          desert roses
          ibou /ibou/                alunite group
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