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ILC edition 2
Expanded class ibe

    broader class

          ibe /ibe/           oxide minerals; oxides  ↞ fe oxides
          ibeb /ibeba/                ice; H2O  ↞ ebb hydrogen fU water
          ibec /ibeʃa/                periclase group
          ibecb /ibeʃaba/                     periclase; MgO  ↞ edc magnesium
          ibee /ibeje/                hematite/corundum group
          ibeec /ibejeʃa/                     corundum; Al2O3  ↞ edn aluminium fehd aluminium oxide
          ibeee /ibejeje/                     hematite; Fe2O3  ↞ eei iron ferd iron(III) oxide
          ibeg /ibega/                perovskite group
          ibei /ibei/                ilmenite group
          ibek /ibeka/                rutile group
          ibekc /ibekaʃa/                     cassiterite; SnO2  ↞ efo tin
          ibekp /ibekapa/                     pyrolusite; MnO2  ↞ eeh manganese
          ibekr /ibekara/                     rutile; TiO2  ↞ eee titanium
          ibem /ibema/                magnetoplumbite group; multiple oxides with O19 groups
          ibeo /ibeo/                cryptomelane group
          ibep /ibepa/                aeschynite group
          ibeq /ibeca/                crichtonite group
          ibes /ibesa/                spinel group
          ibesc /ibesaʃa/                     chromite; FeCr2O4  ↞ eeg chromium eei iron
          ibesm /ibesama/                     magnetite; Fe3O4  ↞ edc magnesium eei iron fere iron(II,III) oxide
          ibess /ibesasa/                     spinel; MgAl2O4  ↞ edc magnesium edn aluminium
          ibet /ibeta/                pyrochlore group
          ibeu /ibeu/                microlite group
          ibev /ibeva/                romeite group
          ibew /ibewa/                betafite group
          ibex /ibexa/                cesstibtantite group
Connected classes:
  ⌕        jr      glaciers; glacial systems  [glaciology]  ↞ ibeb 

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