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ILC edition 2
Expanded class fe

    broader class

          fe /fe/      oxides  ↞ ecq oxygen
          feb /feba/           hydrogen oxides  ↞ ebb hydrogen
          febb /febaba/                hydrogen oxide; water; H2O
          febc /febaʃa/                hydrogen peroxide; H2O2; dihydrogen dioxide; dioxidane
          fec /feʃa/           carbon oxides  ↞ eco carbon
          fecb /feʃaba/                carbon monoxide; CO
          fecc /feʃaʃa/                carbon dioxide; carbonic acid gas; carbonic anhydride; arbonic oxide; CO2
          fecc9gs /feʃaʃaɲɔgasa/                               dry ice
          fed /feda/           nitrogen oxides; NOx  ↞ ecp nitrogen
          fedb /fedaba/                nitric oxide; nitrogen monoxide; NO
          fedc /fedaʃa/                nitrogen dioxide; NO2
          fedd /fedada/                nitrous oxide; nitrous; laughing gas; sweet air; N2O
          fee /feje/           lithium oxide; lithia; Li2O  ↞ ecb lythium
          fef /fefa/           sodium oxide; Na2O  ↞ edb sodium
          feg /fega/           magnesium oxide; magnesia; MgO  ↞ edc magnesium
          feh /feɣa/           aluminium oxides  ↞ edn aluminium
          fehd /feɣada/                aluminium oxide; alumina; aloxide; aloxite; alundum; Al2O3
          fei /fei/           silicon oxides  ↞ edo silicon
          feic /feiʃa/                silicon dioxide; silica; SiO2
          fek /feka/           potassium oxide; potash; K2O  ↞ eeb potassium
          feɭ /fela/           calcium oxides  ↞ eec calcium
          feɭb /felaba/                calcium oxide; quicklime; burnt lime; CaO
          fen /fena/           manganese oxides  ↞ eeh manganese
          fer /fera/           iron oxides; rust  ↞ eei iron
          ferd /ferada/                iron(III) oxide; ferric oxide; Fe2O3
          fere /fere/                iron(II,III) oxide; Fe3O4
          fev /feva/           copper oxides  ↞ eel copper
          fevb /fevaba/                copper(I) oxide; cuprous oxide; Cu2O
          fevc /fevaʃa/                copper(II) oxide ; cupric oxide; CuO
          fevd /fevada/                copper peroxide; CuO2
          feve /feve/                copper(III) oxide; Cu2O3
          few /fewa/           zinc oxide; ZnO  ↞ eem zinc
Connected classes:
  ⌕        fU  [febb]      water; H2O
  ⌕        ibe           oxide minerals; oxides  ↞ fe 
  ⌕        ibeec                     corundum; Al2O3  ↞ edn fehd 
  ⌕        ibeee                     hematite; Fe2O3  ↞ eei ferd 
  ⌕        ibesm                     magnetite; Fe3O4  ↞ edc eei fere 
  ⌕        ibstb                     quartz; SiO2  ↞ feic 

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