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ILC edition 2
Expanded class U

    broader class

          -U /-uj/      those; the typical favoured focus or subclass in the present context
          -UB /-ujbaw/           those first
          U /uj/  [px91] persons by birth time
          UX /ujxaw/  [rab]      persons by birth millennium
          UXX /ujxawxaw/           persons by birth century
          Uni /ujni/           persons born in 6th century BC; Gautama Buddha
          Uniim /ujnijima/                     persons born in 551 BC; Confucius
          Unkfj /ujnakafaʒa/                     persons born in 384 BC; Aristotle
          Unnnj /ujnananaʒa/                     persons born in 4 BC; Jesus Christ
          Uotvo /ujotavo/                     persons born in 570; Muhammad
          Upstp /ujpasatapa/                     persons born in 1451; Christopher Columbus
          Upstq /ujpasataca/                     persons born in 1452; Leonardo da Vinci
          Uptus /ujpatusa/                     persons born in 1564
          Uptusc /ujpatusaʃa/                          persons born in February 1564; Galileo Galilei
          Uptuse /ujpatuse/                          persons born in April 1564; William Shakespeare
          Upusq /ujpusaca/                     persons born in 1642; Isaac Newton
          Upvux /ujpavuxa/                     persons born in 1769; Napoleon
          Upvvo /ujpavavo/                     persons born in 1770; Ludwig van Beethoven
          Upwox /ujpawoxa/                     persons born in 1809
          Upwoxpt /ujpawoxapata/  ⋄                               persons born on 19 January 1809; Edgar Allan Poe
          Upwoxqm /ujpawoxacama/                               persons born on 12 February 1809
          Upwoxqme /ujpawoxacame/                                    persons born on 12 February 1809 at 3 AM; Charles Darwin
          Upwoxqmh /ujpawoxacamaɣa/                                    persons born on 12 February 1809 at 6 AM; Abraham Lincoln
          Upwpx /ujpawapaxa/                     persons born in 1819; Queen Victoria
          Upwtr /ujpawatara/                     persons born in 1853; Vincent van Gogh
          Upwux /ujpawuxa/                     persons born in 1869; Mahatma Gandhi
          Upwvo /ujpawavo/                     persons born in 1870; Lenin
          Upwvx /ujpawavaxa/                     persons born in 1879; Albert Einstein
          Upxpw /ujpaxapawa/                     persons born in 1918; Nelson Mandela
          Upxqx /ujpaxacaxa/                     persons born in 1929; Martin Luther King
          Upxso /ujpaxaso/                     persons born in 1940; Pele
Connected classes:
  ⌕        0039  [U]                by renowned author
  ⌕        339  [U]           created by author born in
  ⌕        39  [U]      by author; human agent born in
  ⌕        ttuUq                     presidency of Abraham Lincoln 1861-1865  ↞ Upwoxqmh 

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3  by agent           +
4  despite disorder   +
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7  with part          +
8  as form            +
9  of kind            +


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