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ILC edition 2
Expanded class *X

          -X /-xaw/      some; unspecified indeterminative
          0X /ɔxaw/      are they related to...?
          1X /mpɔxaw/      are they at...?
          2X /ntɔxaw/      are they in...?
          3VX /ɲcɔvawxaw/ affected by something
          3X /ɲcɔxaw/      are they affected by...?
          4X /ŋkɔxaw/      have they disturb...?
          5X /lpɔxaw/      do they undergo...?
          6X /ltɔxaw/      have they...?
          7X /jɔxaw/      have they part...?
          8X /rkɔxaw/      are they like...?
          9X /ɲɔxaw/      are they...?
          UX /ujxaw/  [rab]      persons by birth millennium
          UXX /ujxawxaw/           persons by birth century
          X /xaw/ something
          XA /xawɛw/      x0
          XB /xawbaw/      x1
          XC /xawʃaw/      x2  
          XX /xawxaw/      what; which; x; unknown variables
          bbX /babaxaw/  [an]            time years
          bcX /baʃaxaw/           dimensions  ↞ ann units
          cX /ʃaxaw/       dimensionality  ↞ an quantities
          eX /exaw/      periods
          eXX /exawxaw/           groups; families
          eXb /exawba/           alkali metals; group 1 elements
          eXc /exawʃa/           alkaline earth metals; group 2 elements
          eXd /exawda/           group 3 elements
          eXe /exawe/           group 4 elements
          eXf /exawfa/           group 5 elements
          eXg /exawga/           group 6 elements
          eXh /exawɣa/           group 7 elements
          eXi /exawi/           group 8 elements
          eXj /exawʒa/           group 9 elements
          eXk /exawka/           group 10 elements
          eXɭ /exawla/           group 11 elements
          eXm /exawma/           group 12 elements
          eXn /exawna/           boron group; group 13; 3 elements
          eXo /exawo/           carbon group; group 14; 4 elements
          eXp /exawpa/           nitrogen group; group 15; 5 elements
          eXq /exawca/           chalcogens; group 6; 16 elements
          eXr /exawra/           halogens; group 17; 7 elements
          eXs /exawsa/           noble gases; group 18; 8; 0 elements
          ftX /fataxaw/           protein fold classes
          jUX /ʒujxaw/           continents and oceans of contemporary Earth
          mX /maxaw/      kingdoms
          mXX /maxawxaw/           phyla; divisions; types
          npX /napaxaw/           ranks
          phX /paɣaxaw/           Big Five personality traits
          qeX /cexaw/           manners of articulation  
          qfX /cafaxaw/           manners of articulation
          qvX /cavaxaw/            language families
          rX /raxaw/      faiths; doctrines  ≈ DDC 290
          xɭX /xalaxaw/           genres
Connected classes:
  ⌕        e96  [eXXa]            charge; ionization; ion
  ⌕        eU      metals  ↞ eXbWo 
  ⌕        fco           halogen oxoacids  ↞ eXr 
  ⌕        ibh           halide minerals; halides  ↞ eXr 

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Facets key
0  as for perspective +
1  at time            +
2  in place           +
3  by agent           +
4  despite disorder   +
5  with transformation+
6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  as form            +
9  of kind            +


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