ISKO Italia

3' Incontro ISKO Italia - UniMIB

Milano : 22 giugno 2007 ore 10-17

Università di Milano Bicocca : piazza Ateneo nuovo 1

organizzato da ISKO Italia in collaborazione con la Biblioteca d'ateneo dell'Università di Milano Bicocca

Andrea Marchitelli speaking More than 40 people attended the 3rd ISKO Italy meeting, again organized thanks to cooperation with the University of Milano Bicocca Library, despite a railway strike which impeded also some planned speakers (Luca Rosati, Federica Paradisi, Cristiana Bettella) from reaching the venue. A collection of photos is available on Flickr thanks to MdG.

In his annual report on ISKO Italy activities and contacts, Claudio Gnoli announced that the 2010 international ISKO conference will be hosted in Rome, an organizing committee chaired by Fulvio Mazzocchi having just been constituted.

The morning had an international flavour, as it was reconnected to the trends observed by Mela Bosch at the ISKO Spain conference recently held in León, showing an increase in the hermeneutic approach over the heuristic one, and especially to the León manifesto. This was promoted by Rick Szostak in his guest keynote address, concerning his proposal of non-disciplinary classification based on phenomena, theories, and methods.

Melissa Tiberi and Barbara De Santis developed on their current research concerning semantics problems in equivalence relationships, and Cristiana Bettella (whose introduction was read by Caterina Barazia) on her one about humanistic knowledge, focusing on the double role played in it by the researcher.

The afternoon was devoted to KO applications, starting with the experience of two university libraries (Milan Bicocca and Turin), with contribution of a third one in the discussion (Milan 1, represented by Carola Della Porta), in the use of KOSs to organize digital resources and links in the university webspace.

Two emerging, promising domains of KO application were introduced by Paolo Franzese: semantic indexing of institutional archives, and by the DesignNet team: information visualization, exemplified in an impressive solution for thesauri. Finally, Andrea Marchitelli discussed hybridizations of social tagging and blogging with opacs, and Jiři Pika showed UDC-based search techniques in a Swiss multilingual opac.

Szostak speaking, Casson, Bosch, De Santis, Tiberi, and Gnoli listening



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