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Cognitive aspects of human subject searching

by Marcia Bates
ISKO Italia

keynote speech at 10' ISKO Italy Meeting : Cremona and online : 14 May 2021


Marcia Bates is professor emerita at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, Department of Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles. She has published widely in the areas of information system search strategy, user-centered design of information retrieval systems, organization of knowledge, information seeking behavior, and the nature of the information professions. Here selected works in three volumes are available for purchase at Ketchikan Press.


The experience of the person searching for material on a subject is phenomenologically very different from that of the indexer or classifier creating a record for a relevant document. The searcher is searching for something they know only partially or even not at all; their experience of the information need is incomplete and often confused. We know quite a bit about the psychology of searching. How can we apply that knowledge to the design of classification and indexing systems in order to make it easier for the searcher to find a way into the desired information?


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