ISKO Italia. Documenti

Colon classification

by S R Ranganathan

An outline with examples

Notation and examples are taken selectively from: Colon classification. Basic classification : 6th edition / S R Ranganathan -- Sarada Ranganathan endowment for library science : Bangalore : 1960. SRELS has been asked permission of reproducing. A short explanation of CC is given at the end of Eugene Garfield's Tribute to S R Ranganathan [PDF file].

fundamental categories

, personality
; matter-property
: energy
. space
' time

time isolates

'M 1800 to 1899
'N 1900 to 1999
'N5    1950's
'P 2000 to 2099

z Generalia

[material] , [kind] , ...

1 Universe of knowledge

2 Library science

[library] ; [material] : [problem]

2;45:6circulation of newspapers
234:81book selection in university library
234;45:81newspaper selection in university library


B Mathematics
C Physics
D Engineering
E Chemistry
F Technology
G Biology
H Geology
I Botany
J Agriculture
K Zoology
L Medicine
M Useful arts
Δ Mysticism
N Fine arts
O Literature
P Linguistics
Q Religion
R Philosophy
S Psychology
T Education
U Geography
V History
W Polytical sc.
X Economics
Y Sociology
Z Law

3 Book science

4 Journalism

B Mathematics

B1 Arithmetic
     B11 Lower arithmetic
     B12 Concept of numbers
     B13 Theory of numbers [number] , [theory] : [method]
B2 Algebra
     B21 Elementary algebra
     B23 Algebraic equations [equation] : [problem]
     B25 Higher algebra [form] , [degree] : [transformation]
B3 Analysis
     B33 Differential equation [equation] , [degree] , [order] : [problem]
     B37 Real variable [variable] : [problem]
     B38 Complex variable [variable] : [problem]
     B39 Special functions
B4 Other methods
B6 Geometry [space] : [method]
B7 Mechanics [matter] : [problem]
B8 Physico-mathematics
B9 Astronomy [body] : [problem]

B13:5KFermat's last theorem
B23:1numerical solution of algebraic equations
B331,1,2:1numerical solution of ordinary linear differential second order equations
B62:3differential plane geometry
B952:72orbits of comets

C Physics

C1 Fundamentals
C2 Properties of matter [state] : [problem]
C3 Sound [wave lenght] : [problem]
C4 Heat [state] : [problem]
C5 Light, radiation [wave lenght] : [problem]
C6 Electricity [electricity] : [problem]
C7 Magnetism [magnetism] : [problem]
C8 Cosmic hypotheses

C25:53compressibility of liquid
C3:11;5velocity of sound in water
C53:3X-ray spectra

D Engineering

[work] , [part] ; [material] : [problem]

D27,3:4designing of surplus weir for tank
D41531,5narrow gauge railway curves
D5153,8:5specification for the brake of railway carriage

E Chemistry

[substance] , [combination] : [problem]

:1 General
:2 Physical chemistry
:3 Analytical chemistry
:33 Qualitative
:34 Quantitative
:35 Volumetric
:4 Synthesis
:5 Extraction
:8 Manipulation

E1 Inorganic substance
E10 Group 0
E11 Group 1
E110 Hydrogen
E1109 Lithium
E111 Sodium
E2 Hydroxyl, basic oxyde
E3 Acid, acidic oxyde
E4 Salt
E5 Organic substance

E111:14atomic weight of sodium
E194:3analysis of alloy
E1940k13:34estimating the presence of copper in an alloy
E3616:4synthesis of sulphuric acid
E41871:4synthesis of gold chloride
E9G,92:3biochemical analysis of alkaloids

F Technology

[substance] : [problem and process]

F:6industrial electro-chemistry
F551:2hydrogenation of coal

G Biology

[organ and special grouping] : [problem]

G11:2microscopical anatomy
G:13.44plants and animals of India for everybody
G:(C):(B)mathematical biophysics

H Geology

[substance] : [problem]

H1 Mineralogy
H2 Petrology
H3 Structural geology
H4 Dynamic geology
H5 Stratigraphy
H6 Palaeontology
H7 Economic geology
H8 Cosmic hypotheses

H191:16genesis of diamond
H4115.53volcanos of France
H7.438mineral resources of Burma
H7113:16.8origins of the copper deposits of Australia

HX Mining

[substance] , [work] : problem

I Botany

[natural group] , [organ] : [problem] 1

I22:12.42Japanese algae
I5,15:3physiology of leaves
I5,16:2morphology of flowers

J Agriculture

[plant] , [utility/part] , [organ] : [problem] , [nature of soil/substance/cause/material] : [operation]

:1 Soil
:2 Manure
:3 Propagation
:4 Disease
:5 Development
:6 Breeding
:7 Harvesting
:91 Nomenclature
:92 Morphology
:93 Physiology
:95 Ecology

,1 Sap
,2 Bulb
,3 Root
,4 Stem
,5 Leaf
,6 Flower
,7 Fruit
,8 Seed
,97 Whole plant

J1 Horticulture
J2 Feed
J3 Food
J4 Stimulant
J5 Oil
J6 Drug
J7 Fabric
J8 Dye, tan

K Zoology

[same formula as I Botany]

KZ Animal husbandry

[same formula as J Agriculture]

KZ311cow farming
KZ351fowl farming
KZ351:4disease of poultry
KZ351:421:5prevention of tuberculosis in poultry

L Medicine

[organ] : [problem] , [cause] : [handling]

L:4:3diagnosis of disease
LC,9F:4gynaecology according to Siddha system

LZ Pharmacognosy

LZ3 Pharmacology [substance] : [action] , [organ]
LZ5 Pharmacopoeia [nation] , [kind]

M Useful arts

M7 Textiles [material] : [work]

M71:2cotton spinning
M73:7silk weaving

Δ Spiritual experience and mysticism 2

[religion] , [entity] : [problem]

Δ,16:5vision of disembodied souls
Δ(E118)occult chemistry of gold

N Fine arts

NA Architecture [style] , [utility] , [part] : [technique]
ND Sculpture [style] , [figure] ; [material] : [technique]
NN Engraving
NQ Painting [style] , [figure] ; [material] : [technique]
NR Music [style] , [music] ; [instrument] : [technique]

ND44,C8(Q4)Buddhist iconography
NQ44,3;3:6Indian distemper fresco painting of landscape

O Literature

[language] , [form] , [author] , [work]

English is taken as the favoured language
O,1:gpoetic criticism
O-,1:g(S:55)love in English poetry
O-,2J64,51:gcriticism of Hamlet
O-,2J64,51:g(S)pshychology of Hamlet
O121,1G65:gcriticism of Dante

P Linguistics

[language] , [variant-stage] , [element] : [problem]

:1 Phonology
:2 Morphology
:3 Syntax
:4 Meaning

,1 Phoneme
,2 Syllable
,3 Word
,4 Phrase
,5 Clause
,6 Sentence

,9B Slang
,9D Dialect
,9J Jargon

P111 English
P113 German
P122 French
P15 Sanskrit
P31 Tamil
P33 Kanarese

P111,9D56175Yorkshire dialect
P111,9D56175,1:1pronunciation in Yorkshire dialect
P111,J,9D56175modern Yorkshire dialect
P111,J3:1kmodern English pronouncing dictionary
P152:4kHindi dictionary

Q Religion

[religion] : [problem]

:1 Mythology etc.
:2 Scripture
:3 Theology
:4 Religious practice
:5 Preaching etc.
:6 Religious institution
:7 Religious sect
:8 Heresy and persecution

Q1 Vedic Hinduism
Q2 Post-Vedic Hinduism
Q3 Jainism
Q4 Buddhism
Q5 Judaism
Q6 Christianity
Q7 Muhammadanism [Islam]

Q3:336rebirth according to Jainism
Q6:445Christian worship
Q7:26Muslim traditions

R Philosophy

R1 Logic
R2 Epistemology
R3 Metaphysics [view] , [subject]
R4 Ethics [topic] , [controlling principle]
R5 Aesthetics
R6 Favoured system 1: e.g. Indian philosophy [system] , [canonical/basic text]

R14symbolic logic
R3,(Q)philosophy of religion
R4,(Q6)Christian ethics

S Psychology

[entity] : [problem]

S15:524anger of children
S55:524anger of women
SM9,55:524psycho-analysis of anger of women

T Education

[educand] : [problem] , [subject] , [method]

T:3,1audio-visual method
T:3(B2)method of teaching algebra
T:3(B2),1audio-visual method of teaching algebra
T15:3(B2),1audio-visual method of teaching algebra in elementary schools
TN3.44'N5basic schools in India in 1950's 3

U Geography


U2855.42'N5rainfall in Japan brought upto 1950's 3
U5.44'N5historical geography of India brought upto 1950's 3

V History

[community] , [part] : [problem]

y7 biography (common isolate)

V1N4,2'N5The executive of the United Nations brought upto 1950's 3
V3:19.5'N5Britain's European policy brought upto 1950's 3
V3:2:(Z)'N5British constitutional law brought upto 1950's 3
V53,1y7L69Life of Napoleon

W Political science

[type of state] , [part] : [problem]

W:5civic rights and duties
W:58(Q)freedom of conscience
W4,1:(R)philosophy of kingship
W41:591allegiance in an absolute monarchy
W691:58(Q)freedom of conscience in communistic state

X Economics

[business] : [problem]

X:53.440r56'N5the influence of British tariff on Indian tariff brought upto 1950's 3
X:9personnel management
X:936profit sharing

Y Sociology

[group] : [problem] : [secondary problem]

Y:433:6.73'N5treatment of unemployment in U.S.A. brought upto 1950's 3
Y31:7:7rural development
Y72-78:424'N5the moral degeneration of the Australian primitives brought upto 1950's 3

Z Law

[community] , [law 1] , [law 2]

Z53French law
Z(Q2)Hindu law
Z1,C265prize law



1: The original edition has problem as another personality instead of an energy, which seems to be a typo

2: Greek delta symbol

3: The original edition has .N5 instead of 'N5



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